The Mission and Vision

SPAN is a prayer organization, called to train and relationally network believers in strategic-level spiritual warfare and mobilize initiatives for cities, states, regions and nations to see the kingdom of God released and transformation in all realms of society.

In 2008, the Lord began to speak to Rebecca Greenwood about mobilizing a prayer army in our nation and the nations of the world. She sensed the urgency of the timing to prepare an army of warriors to stand in their regions to possess the land. She knew that there were many warriors who were waiting to be trained, networked, positioned and empowered to pray strategically. As a result, CHI launched the first strategic-level spiritual warfare school in Colorado Springs in January 2009. As the school has grown to Arizona, Texas, and many other regions, the Lord increased the vision. He clearly spoke to her to form and mobilize a strategic prayer network to partner together to see the kingdom of God released and transformation realized in all realms of society. Now more than ever the Body of Christ needs to mobilize and we believe there is a whole new army waiting to be trained and equipped to engage in praying strategically for our regions and to partner with those who have pioneered in our territories. Will you join us in this clarion call of the Lord? If so, let us hear from you!

SPAN prayer groups will be established at statewide and national levels and annually we will gather to pray, seek the Lord and gain strategic assignments to initiate in our states, across state lines and the nations. In these interactive times, we will hear from key national leaders, share reports from our regions, grow in relationship, pray and strategize for each new season and time the Lord is ushering us into within our regions. These annual meetings will be focused on hearing and receiving from each other just as in the same way the warfare training classes have functioned. It will be about hearing from each other and each speaker invited in will have key revelation we will all need in or regions for transformation. There will also be statewide meetings and as growth occurs, regional meetings in which prayer focuses and strategies will be discussed and implemented by the teams positioned in their states.

The kingdom of God is now advancing in our world at a rate never before seen in history. What does this mean for the church? It means war! Jesus wants His church to become a well-equipped army to continue to push back the powers of darkness. Every modern army has a relatively small unit of Special Forces or Green Berets assigned to carry out strategic projects designed to debilitate the enemy from the roots. Becca Greenwood is one of those spiritual Green Berets whom God has raised up to give apostolic leadership to a dynamic network of those equipped to move into strategic-level spiritual warfare. She calls it Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN), and I am excited about this new and powerful battle unit in the army of God!C. Peter Wagner, Apostolic Ambassador Global Spheres, Inc.

Leadership Team

Deborah & Jack Welch

Rebecca Greenwood

Rebecca is co-founder of Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network (SPAN). Rebecca was mentored by C. Peter and Doris Wagner and Eddie and Alice Smith. She was a member of Peter’s apostolic roundtable, Eagles Vision Apostolic Team, which is made up of those he considered to be his...

Greg Greenwood

Greg is co-founder of Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN). As a second generation pastor, Greg began serving in full time ministry in January 1995 with the AD2000 and Beyond Movement, which had the goal of reaching every corner of the world with the gospel by the end of...